A PARTY shop has closed down - just three months after opening.

Party Zone in Western Road has moved into a new home in Woodland Drive.

A decline in visitors to the area has listed as a contributing factor in the closure.

When the shop opened in August, Romani Shehata, 42, said he hoped the store will become a hit with customers, encouraging people to the area despite the loss of several shops there in recent months.

These include Patisserie Valerie and cheese shop La Cave A Fromage.

Speaking of the move, Mr Shehata told The Argus: “We have already opened our new store.

"It is is much better away from the the high street expenses bigger store, no rates, no high street license and cheaper rent. We are already doing much better on this side of the town.”

Tazz Khan, who owns the neighbouring Salvage Cafe, echoed his concerns about the loss of shops.

He said: “I’m glad they’ve got something going again with Party Zone, it’s not nice being next to an empty shop.

“At the end of the day though, anyone opening up a new shop is good for the area.”