KATIE Price took a trip down memory lane over the weekend as she shared with her followers the straight-to-the-point outlook on the world that she had between the ages of 12 and 13.

Posting on Instagram Stories, Katie snapped a number of pages from her exercise books that she’d kept from her early secondary school days at Patcham High School.

The 41-year-old from Horsham shared one page which featured an essay titled When I Grow Up, with a young Katie pretty clear-minded in terms of her priorities.

The Argus:

"When I grow up I hope to find a nice good looking man with lots of money and I want to own riding stables and travel around the world," her young teenage self wrote.

Katie captioned the screenshot with the handy explainer: "These were my goals at the age of 13. I quickly realise I didn’t want or need the man with money but the rest came true."

The Argus:

Another page detailed a set of rules she’d devised for herself at the age of 12, which spoke out against smoking, outlined her proposals for recommended prison sentences for drug offences and contained the proclamation that "condoms should be free".

Other screenshots included a separate "Rules For Living" list, and a sweet piece on her mum and her best friend for an essay called Someone I Admire.