A BRAVE dating site user has booked a holiday to a mystery destination with a girl he has never met.

Sussex University student Ben Windle was matched to a woman, known only as Emily, on the internet dating site Bumble – and has now booked a holiday for them both, leaving tomorrow.

The couple will not only be meeting for the first time at the airport – but they will also be in the dark about where they are going as the booking is for a two slots on a mystery holiday package.

Ben, 22, said: “We started messaging and messaged for about a day. I booked the Wowcher deal then she didn’t respond for 24 hours. I thought I’d messed it up.

“But she eventually responded and since then we’ve been messaging a bit and had a video call and I think we’re both up for doing it.

“Reason for doing this: it just kind of came up in conversation and I found the idea of going on a first date with someone who I’ve never met before as a holiday to a random location exciting. Some people are perceiving it as a big romantic gesture, but I don’t see it that way.”

The whirlwind romance caused a sensation on Twitter when Ben’s friend and beauty blogger “Soph” shared it online.

She said: “One of my friends got talking to a girl on Bumble, made a joke about driving past Gatwick Airport and going on a spontaneous holiday, the joke became real and he has now booked a £99 holiday for the two of them, but they have never met.”

The screenshots show Ben joking with his match that he was ready to meet at Gatwick and book an impromptu holiday. He said: “I’m the kind of person who will book a flight somewhere with a random person”

The mystery destination could be Prague, Rome or Barcelona among other places. The Wowcher “mystery holiday deal” made headlines in the summer when it was launched, promising a trip to an unknown destination for just £99.