IN RESPONSE to calls to strip Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles, I was inspired to write in.

Poor, poor Charles Ross, at least going online for a cause whether good or bad, will always get followers, especially if the victims cannot answer back.

I wonder what he has done to help “the oppressed of the general public” (his words though not original).

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has saved so many amputees who fought for our country and the “oppressed”, many saying they had nothing to live for  minus legs/arms and were thinking of suicide, as many did before the Invictus.

His brother William, the future King of England, and Harry have risked their lives, one in Afghanistan and the other in the Air Ambulance Rescue.

Meghan the duchess has been involved in many charities.

I and thousands of people are proud to have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They are a bright light and the general public love to have a bit of glamour when they visit Sussex.

Vivienne Lloyd, West Street, Rottingdean