ON SUNDAY October 13 while staying with my son in Saltdean, I decided that between heavy showers of rain I would go for a walk at the Undercliff on Saltdean promenade.

I went on to the beach to collect a couple of plastic bottles, unfortunately when climbing down from the beach I fell backwards onto the promenade, giving my head and back a nasty bang.

I was immediately helped by passers-by who came to my assistance.

I cannot stress strongly enough how kind these people were.

The woman with the dog who lives locally, the two young men and the man with the silver blanket, they held my hands, made me as comfortable as possible, contacted the emergency services, and did their best to keep me warm, as I was lying in a puddle of cold water.

These people demonstrated their skill and professionalism as kind, generous and thoughtful human beings.

They reassured me and did their upmost to help.

Until we are in a situation such as this I’m not sure we realise the true value of the kindness of strangers. There were also other people who stopped to see if they could offer any further assistance.

On the arrival of the emergency services these kind people carefully handed me over into the care of the paramedics who provided expert care, in a calm and reassuring manner.

I feel very lucky that we have access to such superb services.

On arrival at the Royal Sussex County Hospital A&E department the female paramedic took the trouble to help me get out of my cold, soaking wet clothes and into a gown and wrapped me up in a blanket, ensuring my safety.

As anticipated the A&E department was extremely busy, I was prepared for a long wait, however I knew I was safe, and if I did have to wait it was because there were people who were sicker than me.

Of course in time I was examined, x-rayed, stitched, advised and ready to go home.

The nurses and doctors who attended me were excellent.

Despite being extremely busy they maintained their equilibrium, empathy and kindness.

They demonstrated teamwork and professionalism throughout, I was very impressed. I would like to thank everyone concerned from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy Bevan, Backhill, Cambs