WHY is Brighton council spending £8 million of the public’s money to change something that has been in place for nearly 100 years.

There’s an old saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken”.

They are saying there has been 154 accidents - there put up better safety barriers. Simple .

My opinion is this; the council is only doing this to increase visitors to this town and not look at the bigger picture. Spending that sort of money on this is ridiculous.

Why not spend it on housing for the homeless and people who are living on the street?

That way the council can gain on council tax every year and not waste it on this inept project.

Let’s not waste money on this Valley Gardens scheme and build houses instead.

Following on from this the money spent on this i360 in the sky could have been spent on a new pier which would have been cheaper.

Common sense is needed.

David Patrick, Olive Road, Hove