THOUGH Brexit seems to have divided our country, I always like to think there is one place where we can all sit together around a table and forget about it all.

That place, of course, is Spoons.

It is hard to think of a place that better represents a cross-section of British society. Skint students, old pensioners and families gather here often to reach across the aisle – or the ale, as it were.

So I was happy when Mrs PubSpy agreed to come with me to The Three Fishes in Worthing, Wetherspoon’s embassy located in the centre of this fine seaside town.

As we walked through the door, I felt I had walked into a mini House of Commons.

Lavish red furnishings decorated the building from top to bottom, including a lovely carpet.

BBC News was playing on wall-mounted TVs throughout the building as pubgoers were engaged in what I could only imagine was intelligent political debate.

Westminster politicians could certainly learn something from these folk, I thought.

We sat ourselves down and decided to cut straight to the chase: cheap pints. Though I may be a technophobe, I decided to order dinner and two pints of Heineken using the Wetherspoon app. Anything which cuts out unnecessary social interaction is a winner with me. In an ideal world I would communicate solely with grunts, which probably make up about half of my vocabulary.

Magically a server appeared minutes later at our booth with our hard-earned booze. It felt like we were living in the future.

And as soon as I could guzzle down my pint, our food arrived too. We were living like kings.

At the insistence of my worried wife I ordered a vegan burger with a few concessionary chips. As with politics, our relationship is always a compromise.

But she clearly did not take her own advice on board and ordered herself a plate of chicken wings.

I have to admit I felt very jealous as she began to chow down. Judging by her gloating, the wings were delightful.

But my burger was as dry as the bones littered on her plate. The vegetables in the bun helped, but after a few bites I realised the patty had cracked in half.

Copious amounts of ketchup were required to stitch it back together, but luckily I proved a capable burger surgeon.

At least I could enjoy a few chips as a reward.

With glasses empty and plates cleaned, I tottered over to the toilets.

Wetherspoon loos can be a bit of a gamble. Sometimes they are top-notch, other times they can leave a lot to be desired.

The Three Fishes toilets were perfectly clean and functional.

But I was a little alarmed when one man in the cubicle next to me offered to “cross streams” with another. Whatever that meant.

Feeling refreshed, I sat myself back down and decided more drinks were in order.

A Moscow Mule for me and a pitcher of Sex On The Beach for my wife and everything was dandy.

The cheap prices helped the drinks go down nicely too.

Sometimes it seems a wonder how the company can make a profit, but the mountain of glasses building up next to the kitchen seemed to be a good enough explanation.

For a Wednesday, the atmosphere was surprisingly chipper, too.

Unlike some of the Worthing watering holes I have visited in recent weeks, there was barely an empty table in site when I walked in.

By the time we had finished our drinks it was 10.30pm, well past my bedtime on a weekday.

But as we stepped out into the cold, I knew we would return.