A TEEN who terrorised shoppers and motorists riding dangerously on a bike asked his mum to pay his fine in court.

Keith Mujuru performed a wheelie on his bicycle and rode directly into oncoming traffic in Brighton with a gang of other youths.

Then the gang caused chaos by riding through the aisles at Asda at the Marina.

The jobless 19-year-old filmed himself swearing and weaving his way past shocked shoppers and staff, before posting it on his YouTube site to his 102,000 followers.

But at Crawley Magistrates’ Court he admitted riding dangerously and using threatening and abusive behaviour.

He mumbled the word: “Sorry.”

Mujuru was fined £880, and when asked how he would pay he said he would have to ask his mum.

Magistrate Steve Uwins said: “Your mum? Was it her cycling dangerously, putting people at risk? Was it your mum terrifying people who were out shopping? Whose responsibility is it?”

“Mine,” Mujuru replied.

Melanie Wotton, prosecuting, said the incident took place on June 23.

Mujuru and the gang of youths rode down London Road into oncoming traffic, forcing motorists to swerve to avoid knocking them off their bikes.

Ms Wotton said: “They entered Asda and were shouting and swearing at shoppers while they cycled through the store.”

Footage showed how one witness shouted at the group: “Learn how to use the f****** road,” the man said.

Meanwhile in Asda, staff can be heard shouting for a security guard, while Mujuru is heard laughing and seen riding with his front wheel in the air.

Afterwards Mujuru, of Law Street, Southwark, said: “That was actually sick,”

In court he stood and stared at his behaviour as it was played on the screen to magistrates.

Mujuru represented himself, and was asked to explain why he had behaved so badly.

He said: “It was my friend’s birthday and we said ‘let’s go to Brighton’. We were chilling at the beach then got a little bit drunk.”

Mujuru has no previous convictions, but admitted he had previously smoked cannabis.

Mr Uwins told him: “You are lucky, in our view, not to be charged with more serious offences. This was a planned action by a group.

“You caused a major hazard to traffic and put pedestrians in danger, causing major disruption.

“There were children and elderly people, and you did this for profit.”

Mujuru was fined £880, with a £44 surcharge and £85 costs.