A GRADUATE has designed a fashion collection for a retail giant after winning an industry award last year, writes Sam Brooke.

Hannah Gibbins graduated from the University of Brighton in fashion with business studies last year.

But now the 24-year-old’s HCFG collection has appeared in 12 Debenhams stores, including Brighton, as part of the fashion titan’s autumn/winter range.

Hannah said designing the collection was “the most unbelievable experience”, having started the project during her time at the university.

“This range signifies the end of my graduate collection,” she said.

“It seems very appropriate to have it stocked in Brighton where the concept initially began.”

The Brighton-based graduate’s success started last year when she won the Debenhams Menswear Award with a striking mustard-coloured collection at last year’s Graduate Fashion Week in London.

Previously she has interned at Gap, Craig Green and E Tautz.

At the time she said her range was inspired by Italian men’s magazines and “lad culture”.

“I fell in love with these mustard and ginger tones that were inspired by straw and corn imagery,” she said.

“I wanted to celebrate the importance and beauty of handcrafted materials, utilising local resources and creating a sense of appreciation in connecting back to our roots.”

Now after spending a year with Debenhams’s menswear team, she has come out with her first retail collection.

The HCFG range is made up of 13 autumnal items designed to be a “hybrid between workwear and softened tailoring”.

Hannah said she has “matured” her designs since working with industry professionals.

“It means a lot to me and I am so grateful for this opportunity and more importantly to be given the freedom to create something new, contemporary and commercial,” she said.

“It has shown me how I can develop and mature my designs into creating an exciting, wearable brand.”

“These are unique outerwear statement pieces with contemporary everyday layering.”

Standout clothes in her collection include a striking £175 trenchcoat and a £55 four-pocket shirt modelled on workwear.

The collection was inspired by Suffolk, Hannah’s home county.

She hopes it evokes handmade crafts and thatched roofs.

“The collection encompasses a strong tonal colour story with an injection of warm spicy hues of mustard, layered with commercial dark bases of navy and grey.

“This accomplishes a classic look with a natural and organic feel.”

With her collection now on the shelves, Hannah has achieved her dream.

“It has been amazing experience,” she said.

“Coming from more of a fine art background, Brighton has pretty much taught me everything.”