A LABOUR MP has admitted his party is struggling to beat "the most unpopular Prime Minster in history".

Peter Kyle, the representative for Hove and Portslade, made the admission on Sky News this morning, 

He said: "We are behind in the polls against a Tory government that is deeply unpopular.

"[Boris Johnson] is the most unpopular Prime Minster in history and still we're struggling to beat him so clearly we haven't got our act together in the way which the county wants us to do."

Kay Burley, who was interviewing Mr Kyle on the channel's breakfast show, asked: "Which is why you don't want an election?"

Mr Kyle replied: "All I can say, Kay, as a backbench MP I am doing the best I can.

"I am trying to find ways through these really extremely difficult times.

"I've got to say, in all of the conversations I've had with Jeremy and the front bench time on all the big issues we're facing as a country it has been a very cooperative relationship."

Peter Kyle’s is currently in a fight to stand for his own party at the next election.

He must endure five ballots of branch party members asking whether they want him to face a reselection battle.

If only two of the five branches, which are broken down by council constituency, vote that he should, Mr Kyle will have to campaign against other party candidates to stand for the seat in the next election.

Mr Kyle has previously been critical of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – something which has put him at odds with campaign group Momentum.

The members of the fiercely pro-Corbyn faction were behind the ousting of sitting city councillors Daniel Chapman, Anne Meadows and Adrian Morris last year.

Rumours have persisted since 2017 that the group may attempt to remove Peter Kyle from his seat.

To do so, they will need a majority vote in two of the five wards.

The ballots of Brunswick Central branch and Goldsmid and Hove Park branch will take place on November 2.

The ballots of the Wish and Westbourne branch, Portslade branch and Hangleton and Knoll branch will take place on November 9.

If the deselection battle is triggered, hustings will be held for candidates to present themselves to the local party members.

Mr Kyle will be able enter himself in the race.

The members, who are believed to number about 2,000, will then vote on which candidate they wish to see represent Labour for Hove and Portslade in the next general election.

This process is understood to take about three months. It is not yet known what would happen in the case of a snap general election.