FROM a past councillor’s point of view, Mayor Phillips, you’re quite right. Brighton and Hove could beautiful city and so it should be.

However I know, from past experience, the rot set in when the Green Party took control in 2011.

It seems you have forgotten when your party allowed an invasion of tent dwellers to camp out on our once beautiful Victoria Gardens and in turn encourage scores more to follow on?

You go on to say the worst of the worst happens here, quite correct and all because your party have and still do encourage the worst of the worst by your party’s lax attitude to graffiti, ease of obtaining drugs, tent dwellers who you still don’t really seem to make any real effort to address.

You also (along with Labour) blame austerity.

Well measures had to be taken as when the Conservative Government took control there was no money left in the coffers by the outgoing Labour Party and don’t forget Labour’s Mr Gordon Brown also sold all our gold reserves at a rock bottom price. Tut tut how careless.

Also you and Labour have never had a good relationship with our Cityclean operatives, you have put a lady in charge who was once a housing officer and to my mind she still doesn’t know how the system works at the Hollingdean department.

Oh and didn’t Ms Rachel Chasseaud, the director of Cityclean, say she would fix Cityclean’s problems within one year? What’s gone wrong?

You Greens along with Labour have no business sense whatsoever, you may say we Greens are not in charge.

But as I see the political make up, the Green Party in this city may have one seat less than Labour, but surely you have a hold over them as they desperately need you on board.

By that I mean you should be telling them to get their finger out and clean this once beautiful city up now.

Tail wagging the dog comes to mind. Go on, do it Madam Mayor?

Geoff Wells, Hon Alderman and past city councillor for the Woodingdean Ward