SIMPLE Minds frontman Jim Kerr’s brother claimed he had a “get out of jail free letter” after police ordered him to stop harassing his ex girlfriend, a court heard.

Paul Kerr, 56, sent “bullying” emails, texts and voicemails to French university worker Elizabeth Vanthof after she dumped him over his threats to drown her last April, jurors were told.

She said she forwarded a photo about his “affective instability disorder” he emailed to her to police and told Lewes Crown Court: “He called it his ‘get out of jail free’ letter.”

She added: “I knew that he was convicted for arson, I knew that and I also knew that he was involved in a ticket scam.

“He sold tickets for, I think it was, a festival or concert called T in the Park. I knew that the arson started with a hate campaign against someone and ended with arson so I thought ‘maybe it’s all happening again.’ I was the victim of a hate campaign.

“I was terrified. I continued to work, I didn’t take any sick leave, but I was very, very nervous. It still does affect me because I need sleeping pills now to sleep. I was afraid that I would go out with friends and he would turn up. I was afraid he would hurt my friends.”

Kerr, of Brighton, denies stalking her causing alarm or distress between May and November last year.

He also denies stalking causing repeated fear of violence Simple Minds fans John and Julie Fagan between January and November last year, who he claims frames him with Ms Vanthof.

The trial continues.