A “NASTY drunk” has been jailed for battering a pacifist and stealing a boy’s ukelele.

Thomas Kiely was found guilty of attacking Christopher Baker in a flat at Highcroft Villas, Brighton.

He struck Mr Baker, a pacifist, three times with an extendable baton, inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Mr Baker was left covered in blood, with a broken jaw, gashes to his head and broken fingers.

“I was not sure if he would attempt to kill me,” he said.

A neighbour said Mr Baker looked like a “fancy dress zombie” because he was so pale.

Kiely, 32, later admitted finding a ukelele and iPhone in a taxi and stealing the items.

At Hove Crown Court he was sentenced to three years and six months in prison by Judge Paul Tain.

The incident happened on March 11, 2018.

Mr Baker previously told the court: “I thought something must be up, and tried to get my phone on my bed. I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head and two more blows.

“I would say the effect was to either knock me out or kill me. I felt completely disorientated and dizzy.

“I was the victim of an extremely violent attack. People would be afraid after being attacked in their own home. I was utterly terrified, scared for my life.”

Pierce Power, defending, had claimed Mr Baker had initiated the violence, but this was rejected by the jury.

Mr Baker said: “I am a pacifist, I don’t like violent people and weapons.”

Anthony Prosser, prosecuting, said Kiely, of Chichester Place, Brighton, has 11 previous convictions, including an attack on a pensioner in 2006.

On that occasion, Kiely attacked the man in London Road, Brighton, leaving him with a bloody eye wound after demanding money.

He was jailed for 18 months for the attack.

Mr Power asked the judge to make Kiely’s new sentence as light as possible, and said Kiely has got himself off drink and drugs.

Judge Tain said Kiely was lucky not to be sentenced for more serious offences.

He said: “On my analysis, you are capable of keeping yourself out of trouble, but whether you can avoid taking class A drugs and drinking is for you to decide.

“Ultimately, you become a nasty drunk, and you know now with certainty that you can do serious damage that could lead to a double figure prison sentence.”

Kiely was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

He admitted two theft charges.