A DISABLED woman says she had no shower for 56 days.

Caroline Kearney thought she had found the home of her dreams when she was offered a council bungalow in Manor Hall Road, Southwick.

But the 46-year-old burst into tears when she saw how building work had left the property “uninhabitable” before moving in.

She said: “I’m on my knees with this move, in mental and physical agony, with back pain, anxiety and depression.

“I am constantly having to beg for help. I wouldn’t treat anyone like this. I’m a disabled and vulnerable single woman. Every day I think it will get better, it gets worse.”

She said after moving in the shower was in disrepair. Some work has now been done but so she has now used it but said it still leaks.

She said: “Today was the first time I’ve had a shower in 56 days. I haven’t been able to wash my hair. I’ve had to have strip washes. There are massive leaks in the bathroom. My carer got soaked: she said: ‘I don’t know who’s having a shower, you or me.’

“When you’re disabled it’s impossible to cope with the place in an absolute mess.”

Caroline was left incapacitated after a back injury. She keeps her eyes closed to cope with the pain, and relies on a panic alarm and a fall sensor.

She said: “There’s nothing worse than being in pain. I find it hard enough as it is. My care has been cut to half an hour a day, and the carers struggle as much as me. I just don’t understand it.”

Caroline’s parents sent the council a list of 28 faults with the property, including holes in the ceiling, bare wires, and mould. They also said her gas has been cut off.

Caroline’s mother Jenny Disley is calling for more to be done by the council.

A spokesman for Adur District Council said: “Mrs Kearney moved into this address in August this year. While the property was empty a new kitchen was fitted.

“Although there was a report of no heating and hot water in early October 2019 this was resolved the same day.

“An order was raised last week to fit disabled adaptations to the shower which was said not to be working.

The deadline for completing these works is November.

“They were commissioned following an assessment by occupational therapy. In light of subsequent information we will talk to our contractor to ascertain whether we can bring these works forward to an earlier date at Mrs Kearney’s convenience.”