BRIGHTON’S spookiest house is getting ready to scare the living daylights out of scores of schoolchildren.

The notorious haunted house at 10 Highcroft Villas dons petrifying decorations every year in aid of the cancer charity MacMillan.

But this year, something’s up. The fence is plastered with police tape.

The gate creaks open. A flayed monster clutching a severed head springs into sight.

The Argus:

Bony wrists burst forth from the earth. Blue-headed dolls dangle from ropes with screws rammed through their eye sockets.

The wind wails. A lone crow caws. There is a rustling round the back.

The Argus:

It is flat resident Claire Robson, putting the final touches on a cobweb chute to usher in terrified children.

She said: “I sit at the end of this so I can smell the fear when the kids come in.

“It’s going to be a cocoon-like tunnel full of corpses.”

The Argus:

Wandering round the zombie patch – a radioactive planter blooming with half-dead limbs – she explained there will be actors, smoke machines and animations tonight.

There’s still a stockpile of hairy bigfoot paws and inflatable clowns in the greenhouse.

Claire said: “We’re all Halloween nuts here. The two Ollies in the flat above have been doing this for years. It’s lucky we found each other.

“They always had a little cemetery just for themselves in the front garden. Then kids started peering over the fence, and it just took off.

“We start planning in April. I think about it all year.”

The Argus:

There’s a knocking out front. Flat resident Yann Castaignet’s imposing figure looms amid skeletons and spiders the size of dinner plates. “Can I help?” he asks.

I look back. Claire can’t be found – only a heap of decorations, waiting to go up.

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