A COUPLE of weeks ago my wife Bridget was knocked down by a skateboarder speeding down North Street in Brighton which these days is a very common occurrence. 

She was knocked unconscious hitting the back of her head on the road. 

Later a hospital scan showed a fracture of the back of her skull causing some haemorrhaging at the frontal area of her brain. She spent two nights in hospital at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. 

She was dizzy, vomiting and feeling very unwell.  Luckily she will recover but it will take about two months for a full recovery.  She could have been killed. 

I searched the internet and as far as I can see there is no clear cut rules regarding road use of skate boards. 

This is surprising as the boards have no breaks.  How can this be?  So the laws of physics take effect causing some potentially tragic results to pedestrians and indeed the sake boarders.

They even use the pavement weaving dangerously in and out of unsuspecting pedestrians. They are a law unto themselves because there does not appear to be any law. 

Cyclists also do the same on the pavement. The effect of my wife’s accident goes far beyond her injuries. We have had to cancel a week's holiday in Spain. 

This would have been the first proper holiday we have had for sometime. 

As the accident happened so close to departure we will probably lose most of our holiday cost of £2,000.  Our whole family have been very very upset because for a while we thought the worst.  The police have been in touch and the incident was caught on CCTV -  11.30am on a Wednesday morning, North Street, Brighton.  The skateboarder went through a red light. 

I am writing to our local MP to try and get something done about the lack of law regarding skate boards.

It would be interesting to know of anyone else who has had a similar experience. I would like to thank the lady, who was a nurse, for staying with my wife for about an hour waiting for an ambulance.

George Powell, Brighton