DOZENS of baby turtles sponsored by a brewery have hatched.

Bedlam Brewery in Plumpton has donated £5 from each cask and keg sold of its “Turtle Recall” pale ale towards sea turtle charity Project Biodiversity.

After sponsoring a nest of turtle eggs in Cape Verde, Africa, the team was delighted to find out 72 babies had hatched.

Chief executive Bob Emms said he “could not be more thrilled” with the results.

“The proceeds from our partnership with The Beer Company UK helped make this hatchery possible,” he said.

“Hundreds of thousands of baby turtles from these beaches will get to the sea, but only one in every thousand will be able to come back in 20-25 years’ time to lay their eggs.

“We love our ocean and we’re keen to work with the community to act against the destruction of our seas and so this was a great opportunity for us.”

This was not the first time Bedlam Brewery has flaunted its green credentials.

The brewery uses solar power to make its beer and feeds its spent grain to cattle.

Project Biodiversity is a charity working to protect wildlife in Sal, Cape Verde.

It mainly focuses on protecting loggerhead turtles from poachers and discarded fishing nets.

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