A ROAD is now open after police were called to reports of a suspicious package.

Eastern Road has been reopened after being shut at the junction of Church Place.

An officer at the scene explained the force had been called out after a small device from the inside of a burglar alarm fell down in yesterday's high winds.

The battery-sized white cylinder, which had a wire protruding from it, was left on the doorstep of Marmalade Cafe on Eastern Road close to where the alarm was fixed.

The Argus: The broken burglar alarmThe broken burglar alarmCafe owner Mark Barnes said: "It was a false alarm and the police have stood down now. It must have blown down in the winds yesterday."

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: "At 10.15am on Sunday November 3 we received a report that a small unexplained object had been found in a doorway in Eastern Road, Brighton.

"The immediate area was cordoned off to help ensure public safety and on examination the object was found to be part of a building alarm that had fallen off an adjacent wall. Evacuations were not necessary."