I READ with disgust about the theft of Adam Trimingham’s wallet in broad daylight outside Brighton’s Theatre Royal.

Street crime and a deterioration in general behaviour in the city has been a topic of conversation among my work colleagues and friends for some time.

Words including “dirty, intimidating, frightening” crop up often.

There is a feeling Brighton is turning into the Wild West.

On the same day Adam’s account was published, The Argus reported how Kevin Moore, former Sussex Police divisional commander for Brighton, was claiming officers had “lost an element of control” when it came to street crime.

Kevin has also campaigned for a significant increase in the number of police. It’s a well-worn saying I know, but I can’t remember the last time I saw officers patrolling the streets.

Let’s hope whoever wins the General Election listens to the likes of Adam and Kevin and give the police the resources they clearly and desperately need.

Phil Mills, Address supplied