The UK Foo Fighters

Concorde 2

Saturday November 2

THE band and their fans had one aim in mind on Saturday evening – to get together to enjoy the music of their idols the original Foo Fighters.

The 90-minute set dipped into plenty of material released over the last 20 years and did more than justice to the great US outfit.

The evening kicked off with Learn to Fly before ramping up to Pretender and White Limo and reaching a crescendo with Let there be Rock, Breakout and All My Life.

This is one of the more authentic tribute bands on the UK circuit their lead singer Jay Apperley having been invited to join David Grohl on stage at their Brighton Show.

The band have also just had an invitation to record some Foo material at the Maida Value Studio.

The five-piece outfit all have day jobs but have a full diary of Saturday gigs throughout the UK for their Banging on the Ceiling Tour.

They are promising to return to Brighton again soon.

Judging by the number of UK Foo Fighter T-shirts worn by those in the audience, the boys are building up a following and loyal fan base.

The show was authentic, tight and extremely professional.

The band certainly deserve all the recognition they have been getting.

Philip Noble