THE BROTHER of teenagers killed in Syria could have been stabbed to death in a “humiliation” killing, a court heard.

Abdul Deghayes suffered eight stab wounds in a “short but vicious” stabbing at Elm Grove, Brighton, it was claimed.

The 22-year-old was reportedly on his way to buy cocaine from a dealer called “Frank”.

But instead he was set upon with a knife, Hove Crown Court was told.

He was left dying in a car that was “flooded with his blood”.

Mr Deghayes died the next day.

He is the twin brother of Abdullah Deghayes, and older brother of Jaffar Deghayes,.

They both died as teenagers fighting in Syria for Islamist fighters against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

Frank was later identified by Mr Deghayes’ pal Colby Broderick as labourer Daniel MacLeod.

The 36-year-old, of Gypsy Road, Lambeth, is accused of murder, while his friend Stephen Burns, 55, of Lennox Street, Brighton, is accused of assisting him.

Adam Feest QC, prosecuting, told jurors that Mr Deghayes was stabbed in a driveway in Hanover Court at about 9.20pm on February 16 this year.

He said injuries to Mr Deghayes buttocks could have been consistent with injuries inflicted to “humiliate” a victim, known in a knife-wielding community as “bagging” or “Turkish revenge”.

Mr Feest said: “That this was a drug related murder is clear. It may well be that the exact motive for the killing will only ever be known to the defendants.

“It may well be that the stabbing was in revenge for that perceived sleight.”

He said Colby Broderick had been driving a car trying to get Mr Deghayes to safety before crashing, and leaving the scene.

Shocked residents called 999 during the incident. Archie Gane said: “It’s unbelievable that it’s happened.”

Mr Feest said: “They noticed that the passenger seat of the VW was flooded with blood, as was the footwell, and what appeared to be bloody smears and blood-stained handprints were on the offside of the vehicle.”

He told jurors the defence will try to claim that Mr MacLeod was acting in self defence.

Meanwhile Mr Burns will claim he knew nothing of the incident.

But he said a post mortem examination suggests that Mr Deghayes had defensive injuries.

Mr MacLeod denies murder, the trial continues.