A BUSINESS owner has told of the moment police stormed his fish and chip shop to arrest a burglar he had locked in.

Ramez Khalil, 35, was relaxing at home when he closed the shutters on the Preston Fish Bar in Brighton – trapping an unsuspecting burglar inside.

The Argus:

Mr Khalil ran from his home, which is also in Beaconsfield Road, to the popular fish and chip shop, calling the police while the stunned criminal tried to find a way out.

When police arrived at the scene, they saw the hapless burglar on Mr Khalil’s phone, before storming the chip shop, armed with Tasers, to arrest him.

Mr Khalil, who has been burgled three times in just over a year, said he installed the system after vowing to tackle the criminals who are picking on small businesses in the city.

He said: “It’s very, very upsetting, we are a small business and we are very stressed.

“I found a lot of blood inside in the shop from his hands, I think from glass, which I had to clean up. To the burglars I say it’s not worth it, you’re not earning good money, you will have to pay the charges and you are putting yourself at risk.

“It’s not worth injuring yourself attacking a small business.”

The defiant shop owner said burglars had cost him more than £1,500 in three attacks in just over a year.

Mr Khalil, who has run the business for four years, said he once slept on a freezer for two days to guard the shop after one break-in which destroyed the front door.

He made a decision to get a security alarm linked up to his phone which could monitored at all times.

On the night of the October 7 incident, he kept the shutter open for deliveries which were due in early in the morning.

The Argus:

He rushed to restaurant when the alarm went off to discover a window had been broken. But could not see any sign of the burglars, despite waiting for two hours outside in his car.

After returning home, the alarm went off again and on this occasion CCTV cameras showed the burglar inside.

Quick-thinking Mr Khalil then closed the shutters and called the police before rushing back to his fish and chip shop.

He saw two other men outside who are yet to be identified.

CCTV captures the moment the police stormed the chip shop, pointing Tasers at the man who promptly surrendered.

He said: “A lot of my friends in Brighton and Hove who own business have been attacked now, five of my next door neighbours have been targeted.

“People tell me they are giving up reporting them, but you must report them.

“Install new camera and security systems and work hand in hand with police.”

Francesco Di Biase, 43, unemployed, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to burglary on October 31.

He was given a 12-month Community Order plus court and victim costs.

Sussex Police said there were no current lines of enquiry regarding the two other men who were spotted outside.