SEVERAL teddy bears have been left in a High Street.

For a while now teddy bears and other soft toys have been scattered at intervals in the High Street, Portslade. Some are positioned on the rubbish bins.

One was attached to a telephone cable on a wall.

No one has seen the person doing it but it happens after dark.

Two days ago dozens of bears were strewn across the pavement under the lamp post outside the cottages. Someone stuffed them into black plastic sacks and as they were quite dry, it being the Friday before yesterday’s ghastly wet weather.

It was agreed with another resident of the High street that they should be taken to Emmaus up the road.

An Argus reader send in the picture and said: “This morning, following many hours of torrential rain another collection were found behind a wall.

“What is to be done? Who can it be? We would love for someone to get in touch.”

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