VOLUNTEERS have transformed an old council building into a community fridge to tackle food waste.

Workers at Covers Timber and Builders Merchants in Brighton pitched in out of hours to help the charity effort in Forest Row village, near East Grinstead.

The company tidied and painted the old building, donating materials to complete the project, which will open in December.

Gareth Young, sales representative at Covers,was one of the volunteers.

He said: ““It has been a pleasure helping to transform this building for such a great cause.

“It’s particularly rewarding knowing it is going to make a real difference to families in need in our community.

“We really enjoyed renovating it and can’t wait to see the kitchen in action.”

The project aims to save food that would usually be chucked away.

Retailers, restaurants, and residents can donate food to the Community Fridge for others to use.

Sara Smart, who has organised the project, said villagers were “excited” by the project.

“Everyone can’t wait, it means we’re sharing our resources and cutting down on waste,” the Forest Row Parish Council worker said.

“If somebody’s got a lot of carrots from the allotment they can’t use, you can use the community fridge and someone else can have them.

“We’re hoping to open over Christmas to tackle a period of heavy food waste.

“But we need a few volunteers to keep things running.”

Sara said a lot of work was going into the community project to ensure it is safe.

“It’s not like people can just go in there and put anything they want in the fridge,” she said.

“Everything is food safety regulated.

“And we’re buying scales, record books, and training materials to keep everything organised.”

The Community Fridge in Forest Row is part of an international network which began in Berlin in 2016.

Dozens operate across the country, including one fridge in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, which exchanged almost 3,000kg of food within six months of opening.

The Forest Row Community Fridge is currently looking for volunteers and donations.

To get involved, visit facebook.com/forestrowcommunityfridge.