WE ARE frequently being told that catching graffiti taggers is very difficult.

So, when somebody is responsible for more than 80 tags, that is more than 80 acts of criminal damage.

It beggars belief that the punishment is a slapped wrist and a day of community work.

It would take weeks and thousands of pounds to clean up after 80 acts of criminal graffiti tagging, aside from the damage it does to our city’s reputation and how residents and visitors alike feel about where they live and stay.

This was a missed opportunity to show everybody that this city is serious about tackling graffiti.

>> Prolific graffiti tagger caught...but only has to do a day of unpaid work

Whatever was in the book, it should have been thrown at this individual and serve to deter others from tagging.

The message we now have is that if caught you will be told you are a naughty person and sent out to pick up some litter for the day.

Our city has been deteriorating for years.

We are blighted with graffiti, open use of drugs and drinking on our streets, begging wherever you go, litter and fly-posting all over the place.

We are a liberal city with laudable values of tolerance.

However, on these subjects we must take a difference stance.

Tolerance of this simply must be zero.

No more slap on the wrists for more than 80 acts of criminal damage.

It has to be zero tolerance from now on.

Lee Wares, Conservative City Councillor for Patcham