THE FRIEND of a man stabbed to death has described his horror at seeing the alleged attack.

Colby Broderick was with Abdul Deghayes on the night he was killed at Hanover Court, Brighton.

He also knew defendant Daniel MacLeod, 36, of Gypsy Road, Lambeth, and Mr Colby said he witnessed the attack.

Adam Feest QC, prosecuting, played Mr Broderick’s 999 calls to the jury at Hove Crown Court yesterday.

He saw Mr MacLeod standing over Mr Deghayes “whacking and punching him”.

When he tried to intervene, MacLeod reportedly told him: “Thank f*** you’re here, otherwise I would have killed him.”

Mr Broderick realised his friend was bleeding heavily, and the victim had used Mr Broderick as a shield to escape Mr MacLeod.

He tried to drive away, but crashed around the corner and then panicked, Hove Crown Court heard.

The defendant claims that Mr Deghayes pulled out a knife and that he turned the tables on his attacker.

Mr MacLeod reportedly said: “Do you think I’m stupid, you think you can rob me?” 

In his 999 call Mr Broderick told police: “I’m a bit all over the place, I’m in fear. It was my duty of care just to get him the f***out of there.

“I’m worried, I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. I’m scared. I was shocked.

“I’m petrified and panicking. This is very, very, very serious. I’m not going anywhere near Brighton.”

Mr Feest said the second defendant Stephen Burns spoke to Mr Broderick after the incident and said: “He told Colby that Frank was a good guy, hadn’t meant to do it and that there was a reason for it. 

“He told him that Abdul had robbed him of two ounces of flavours, meaning drugs, and that Colby needed to stay out of the way and keep his mouth shut.”

Daniel MacLeod denies murder, while Stephen Burns denies assisting an offender.

The trial at Hove Crown Court continues.