The scary moment two bouncers were forced to take on drunken revellers was revealed in a shocking new documentary.

Greg and Marek, two mobile bouncers operating in Brighton, appear in Channel 5’s new programme Bouncer.

At one point during the show on Monday night, the two men were called to a nightclub which was struggling to deal with two drunken revellers.

The bouncers were seen wrestling with the aggressive clubbers, pinning one to the ground and another up against a car as they tried to get on top of the situation.

Marek was told the two men had been asked to leave the premises repeatedly but refused to do so.

Following the first altercation with the club’s bouncers, one of the men claimed he had been assaulted.

He called the police and decided to wait on the pavement outside the club, close to the bouncers who were keeping watch on his every move.

Legally, there was nothing the club could do, because the street, unlike the club, was a public place.

Still upset over the situation, the man started to argue with Marek and Greg.

At first, Greg and Marek kept calm while the man complained. Growing increasingly frustrated, he started on Greg, saying: “I guess you’re a hard man.”

The stand-off between them continued and, as they waited for the police to arrive, the man told Greg: “You are a f****** joke.”

In spite of the abuse, Greg, who was becoming increasingly aggravated, managed to keep his distance. Marek was less able to keep his cool, and when the man started poking his arm, the bouncer’s patience was cut short. He pushed him further away from the door, saying: “You just f****** don’t touch me, right.”

For one moment, it seemed Marek’s outburst had the desired effect, because the man appeared to have calmed down.

But when he touched him again, Marek pushed back, before restraining him against the hood of a nearby car.

Meanwhile, in one swift move, Greg pinned the man’s friend to the ground, demanding he also calm down.

Gaz, Greg and Marek’s managing director, explained: “We have got the right to go hands on. So when asking them nicely hasn’t worked, we then employ the escalation of force.

“That’s when things can go wrong and you have to prepared to restrain them.”

When the man stopped fighting back, Marek eventually let go, and, after a 30-minute stand-off the men eventually moved away from the club.

Greg and Marek work for a privately owned security firm, which aims to relieve the emergency services of some of their burden.

Throughout a night on the job, Marek and Greg encountered all sorts of situations, with breaking up fights just a part of the job.