A WOMAN is trying to raise money to reduce her 40HH boobs which “grew overnight” after years of facing lewd comments.

Helen Christie, 26, is desperately trying to raise £3,000 for the private operation to take her chest down to a B or C cup.

Ms Christie, who lives in Hollingdean, has been turned down twice for surgery on the NHS.

She told The Argus: “I do wonder if I was a man and had two gigantic tumours attached to my chest constricting my breathing whether I’d be eligible for surgery.”

The pharmaceutical assistant, who went to Varndean, said her large breasts, dubbed ‘Helen’s melons’ at school, have also left her feeling depressed and self-conscious, and have forced her to wear size XXXL men’s shirts despite being a size 16 at the bottom half.

Feeling she was not taken seriously when she told a doctor she wanted a breast reduction Helen, who is now looking to have private surgery in Prague, in the Czech Republic, told how “overnight” she went from being teased at school for being flat chested, to being scorned when she suddenly became a D cup - and kept on growing.

She said: “I was around 16 when I suddenly grew to a C or D cup and people started commenting, saying things like, ‘she’s grown’.

“As my breasts grew, they would call them ‘Helen’s melons.’ People would comment on my ‘jugs’ and shout ‘nice t**s’ in the street.”

Having such an ample bosom also means Helen suffers with insomnia, as she struggles to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

She explained: “I always struggle to fall asleep and have to adjust my breasts into a position so that I’m breathing clearly and don’t feel like I’m up to my neck in excess breast tissue.”

Commenting on the £530 already raised on a JustGiving page, Ms |Christie said: “At the end of the day this is something I can’t simply fund my self. It will take me a long time to save and due to my mental health, my work and earnings aren’t always so consistent.

“This is so something I’ve suffered with for 10 years and I just want to raise an awareness about the lack of funding going into the NHS. As well as a misunderstanding from some doctors, and the impact that can be detrimental to a women’s long term health and quality of life.

“I feel strongly about my cause and the NHS should fund anybody suffering with long term pain and mental health issues due to something that they haven’t brought upon themselves. “