A DRUG dealer had the blood of a man he stabbed on his clothes and in a car he drove, a court was told.

Daniel Macleod is accused of the murder of Abdul Deghayes at Hanover Court, Elm Grove in February.

The 36-year-old has gone on trial at Hove Crown Court this week alongside friend Stephen Burns, who is accused of assisting him.

Adam Feest QC, prosecuting, previously told jurors that Abdul Deghayes, whose twin brother and younger brother fought and died in Syria, had gone to Elm Grove with pal Colby Broderick to buy drugs from “Frank”.

The “Frank” telephone line was run by Daniel Macleod and Stephen Burns, Mr Feest said.

He said Mr Macleod had driven a dark Citroen which was at or near the scene of the crime, and which contained blood from Mr Deghayes.

Meanwhile a later search revealed a T-shirt he had been wearing also had Mr Deghayes’ blood on it.

Yesterday Mr Feest told jurors about how police were able to trace the movements of Mr MacLeod and Mr Burns.

He said: “DNA from Abdul Deghayes could only have got into the Citroen as a result of the person who attacked him, blood stained as he must have been, having travelled in that car at some stage after the attack.”

“Frank” telephones were being used for a “significant drug dealing operation”, Mr Feest said.

Searches at properties linked to Macleod found £75,000 worth of cocaine and cannabis, while he also had £24,000 in cash at an address where he was living in Crawley.

He said Mr Burns had helped his “drug dealing associate” to switch clothes and switch cars in a bid to “avoid detection”.

Mr Macleod, of Gypsy Road, Lambeth, denies murder and says he acted in lawful self defence, while Mr Burns, 55, of Lennox Street, Brighton, denies assisting an offender.

But Mr Feest told jurors that he showed no sign of any injuries, while Mr Deghayes had defensive injuries to his hands.

He said: “It is our case that Daniel Macleod acted with murderous intent during his attack upon Abdul Deghayes.”

The trial continues.