A SYNAGOGUE has been hit by “two incidents of targeted vandalism” ahead of Remembrance Sunday, a Jewish group says.

One incident saw red liquid splashed on the wooden front doors of the Middle Street Synagogue in central Brighton.

A spokesman for the Sussex Jewish Rep Council announced today that the group was working with police and charity Community Security Trust (CST), which “protects British Jews from anti-Semitism”, to look into the incident.

A spokesman said: “This is being dealt with, with the utmost seriousness.

“Please do not listen to or spread inflammatory rumours about these incidents.”

One Brighton resident pointed to the timing of the incident, with November 9 and 10 being the anniversary of Kristallnacht - when German Nazis carried out a pogrom against Jewish people in the country.

Stephen Olley said: "I am not Jewish but consider myself an ally fighting against racism.

"My reaction to the incident is that it's very worrying given the rise in anti-Semitic incidents nationwide, especially taking place on the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

"There is nothing random about this act."

Passers-by in the street were also shocked by the horrendous act of disrespect.

One, who asked not to be named, branded it “horrible” adding “people can be so cruel”.

Another said: “I would not have thought the vandals were particularly targeting the Jewish community. You would certainly hope not.

“Maybe this is done by someone with a clear vision of what they are doing and is politically motivated.

“But I just think it seems to be mindless, indiscriminate vandalism with no master plan to it.

“I understand Brighton is cracking down on graffiti as it has been a real problem in the city.

“I saw in The Argus that the Duke of York had graffiti sprayed on it just after its renovation.

“It is on buildings which people put a lot of time, effort and money, as well as care, into looking after.”

Another person said the act “could be seen as an attack on the synagogue”.

But he added: “With Brighton there is so much art and graffiti, some people might look at it as an artistic act.

“But if the person knew what the building was then it could be an attack against it.”