CARS parked in a street are being repeatedly vandalised, a man has reported.

Jack Ansell, who lives in Court Farm Road in Hove, said cars in his street and the surrounding area are regularly being keyed and damaged, with wing mirrors being broken and aerials ripped off.

The 68-year-old said the problem has been going on for two years, and he believes schoolchildren are responsible, as the vandalism takes place during term time.

He said: “I looked out of my window the other day and there was a group of school kids sat on the bonnet of one of my cars.

“I asked them to get off and they said: what are you going to do about it?

“People in the area are actually frightened of the kids.

“It’s a sign of the times.”

Mr Ansell, who has terminal lung disease, said he buys and sells cars as a hobby.

He said: “It keeps me occupied.

“Sometimes I make a profit and sometimes I don’t, but it takes my mind off things.”

On Monday Mr Ansell discovered that one of his cars, a Mercedes, had been keyed all the way down one side, and he has only recently had it resprayed.

He said: “Last year I had to replace the aerial on a car, which cost nearly £200 alone.

“I’ve had the metal Mercedes emblem from the front hood of one of my cars ripped off three times in the last six months.

“You can’t just keep getting cars resprayed and you can’t keep claiming on the insurance, as then your insurance goes through the roof.

“It’s totally pointless what they’re doing, damaging other people’s property.

“They’re not getting anything out of it.

“It’s sadistic really.”

Mr Ansell said he has reported the problem to nearby Blatchington Mill School, in Neville Avenue, and to the police in the past, but the issue has not been resolved.

He said: “I would like the police to go into the school to tell the kids if they get caught they will get a criminal record, and their parents will have to pay for damages.

“We the public are not being protected in the way we should be.”

Mr Ansell also believes CCTV cameras should be installed in the area to deter vandals.

He said: “The council should put up cameras at the top of the hill where the traffic lights are to catch the kids doing it.

“It would protect people too – especially anyone on their own at night, walking back from night college for example.”

In a statement, Sussex Police said: “In April and September this year we received two reports of damage to parked cars in Court Farm Road, Hove.

“Details were recorded but there was insufficient information to enable further action.

“We have received no other such reports.

“The resident involved has been contacted this week and has been reminded that any further reports can be made to the police by calling 101 or online and they will be looked into.”

The Argus approached Blatchington Mill School on the issue, but they declined to comment.