Josh Widdicombe

Brighton Dome concert Hall

November 9

Four stars

JOSH Widdicombe started a little slowly but the audience loved his hilarious show.

His support act Suzi Ruffell warmed the crowd up with a surprisingly hilarious routine about a smear test.

Then he came out for a small slot before the interval where he engaged with a man near the front called Tom who said the word ‘absolutely’ a lot. While Widdicombe pulled off some laughs in this bit even he seemed bored by the interaction. He seemed a little bit grumpier than I expected to begin with but then he had me laughing out loud when he talked about the disappointment of having an advent calendar without chocolate and the pager he got as a present from his mum.

And when he returned from the interval he had us all in stitches.

There was a cracking section on WhatsApp groups and weddings as well as one about driving tests.

I loved the story about the evening only wedding invitation he got where he stayed in his hotel room watching Football Focus, Soccer Saturday and Despicable Me 2 and enjoyed it so much he didn’t bother with the wedding.

He is a truly natural comedian who pulls of very good jokes from audience interaction. Later attempts with a man called Dan, talking about becoming a dad, proved much more successful than the early chat with Tom.

It was a cracking night that was enjoyed by some of the audience so much that they were in fits of laughter and couldn’t stop.

There was a woman in such hysterics that she could not engage with Widdicombe and he had to give up trying to talk to her.

If you get a chance to see Josh Widdicombe go for it as it is a truly fun night.

He seems like comedian in his prime.

Arron Hendy