I HAD an election leaflet from Labour candidate Peter Kyle and I’m sorry but I put it in the bin. 

He’s a nice guy and good MP but I cannot support anyone who belongs to a far left party overtaken by extremists and militants and anti-Semites. 

Labour are a party that for nine years has been screaming austerity and blaming the Tories for doubling the debt, but now say they want to borrow £500 billion and triple the debt?

Re-nationalisation of the utilities – the railways have had an estimated £105 billion invested since going private, where’s that coming from?

Then there is the £210 billion PFI debt left to the NHS which still needs paying off, the nasty Tories have been paying that off at £10 billion a year, so where’s that coming from? 

Plus there’s the one million homes, investing in the NHS, schools, infrastructure, police, prisons, our £18 billion a year to the EU, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t the negotiations cancelled the rebate? 

Then there’s £12 billion in foreign aid... the list is endless. Where’s the money coming from? 

Don’t even get me started on Labour’s ridiculous Brexit policy, it’s worse than the Tories. 

The difference being the Tories are protecting democracy of the 17.4 million people who voted leave, even if it is a bad deal. It’s better than no deal. 

The Labour Party can brainwash some youngsters with their emotive popularism but not the majority of sane working class and middle class people in this country. Labour are a mess.

Has Diane Abbott been working out Labour’s economic costing? It’s fantasy. It’s dangerous and again Labour if given the chance will destroy the UK economy again. 

So Labour supporters can come back with the opinions and baseless facts and insults of the “gammon” far right Tories, 120,000 deaths due to austerity nonsense blah blah but I don’t care, I care about my pensions, my home, my partner, kids and grandchildren.

If you vote Labour you are turkeys voting for Christmas. It’s the blind leading the blind. A vote for Labour is for higher taxes, a destroyed economy, high unemployment and chaos.

Lawrence Brewer, Hove