GONE are the days of fishmongers hawking their wares on the seafront.

Now, thanks to Hove resident David Copeland, the fun of the fish market will come to straight to your plaice.

The foodie’s new venture, Nutritious Fish, delivers seasonal seafood to residents across Brighton and Hove.

Every Saturday he collects quality British fare from Fish! in Shoreham Port and delivers it personally to customers’ doors.

How did he transfer his bream into reality?

“Brighton is a seaside city, yet decent fishmongers are few and far between, so most people have to resort to buying supermarket fish,” he said.

“However, this is generally pre-frozen, often imported from outside the UK, not seasonal, and just not great quality.

“The quality of the seasonal produce at Fish!, landed locally or brought in from other parts of the UK, is unsurpassable, and shopping there every week is a pleasure.

“But not everyone has time for that when they’re juggling work, family and social lives.

“What we’re doing is making life easier for busy people by bringing the freshest, best-quality fish we can source directly to them.”

Customers can choose what type of fish they want and whether they want it weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

David then prepares and delivers seasonal fish in compostable greaseproof paper, ready to cook.

The environment has been at the forefront of David’s vision for Nutritious Fish.

“I buy all of my fish and shellfish from UK seasonal, sustainable stocks,” he said.

“Yes, it’s more ethical, but the quality and flavour is unbeatable too.

“We even organise delivery slots by postcode to minimise mileage and to lower carbon emissions.

“We also keep packaging to a minimum. You won’t see any paper leaflets from us.”

But it is the health benefits of fresh fish that David hopes will coax costumers to his business.

“The significant nutritional benefits of fish have been well documented,” he said.

“Particularly there are the heart-healthy omega-3s found in oily fish and the low saturated fat content in both oily and white fish.

“We’ve been learning more about seasonality and the wonderful range of produce both along our local coastlines and around the UK.

“Quite simply, we want to bring the best-quality seasonal, local, fresh fish directly to our customers in as eco-friendly a way as possible.”

David also updates the company website with recipes, tips, and an online shop with recipe kits.

For more information, visit www.nutritiousfish.co.uk.