SILVER service spoons, suede moccasins slippers, gardening gloves, and anti-ageing moisturiser are among the bargains available on the police's ebay page.

Sussex Police posts regular items from goods recovered from crime or unclaimed property.

This week, a silver set including spoons, a candle snuffer, pots, and decorative animals are listed for sale at £70. The postage and packing costs are £4.10.

In a Freedom of Information request, it was revealed that the force has sold more than 28,000 items on the account since 2009.

It has led to sales worth more than £840,000 for the force over the past ten years, with money often sent to charities and community groups.

The Argus:

Items online this week also include a job lot of household cleaning microfibre cloths is available for £10.50, with £7.90 postage costs.

If you seek eternal youth, there is a trio of L'Oreal products for anti-ageing, moisturising, and Garnier Skin Active pots.

These are listed at £9.50, with £3.10 postage costs.

The Argus:

Perhaps you could lay down the gauntlet to your garden this spring with gardening gloves available for £3.75, with £3.10 postage costs.

Golfing enthusiasts may also wish to bid for a TaylorMade Aeroburner 3HL Wood with a Fubuki shaft, available for £23.

The force notes it is in a "used condition" but "looks fairly clean all over".

It has had six bid and postage costs are £9.50.

Meanwhile there is a Seiko water resistant stainless steel watch available for £41.

But the force notes it is in a "used condition" with "some signs of wear", "scratches", "marks and dirt".

It also "skips a second" when ticking, so will "require servicing.

The Argus:

The postage costs are £3.10.

For a bit of home comfort, there are Barbour navy blue moccasins available for £41 with £4.10 posting costs.

They are in a UK size 10.

Finally, a gift idea for the children may include a Sony Playstation Vita handheld console for £41.

It doesn't come with a charger, games, or memory card and has some scratches, but the force says it is "overall in good condition" and costs £6 for postage.