A CAR has burst into flames outside a carpet shop on the A259.

The blaze took place outside the shop Dean Carpets and Curtains on the South Coast Road.

Nile Clarke, an employee, said: “I saw a silver car smoking a lot, and then suddenly flames appeared.

“It looked like a large bonfire. There was a crowd and the fire brigade came and put it out.

“People were looking at it from the window in Sainsbury’s.”

The Argus:

Witness and Conservative parliamentary candidate Joe Miller said: “We were on our way to Sainsbury’s to get lunch when we saw a car on fire, so we ran in front of traffic to stop the cars in case the flaming car blew up.

“The fire brigade’s response from Newhaven was amazing. They arrived extremely quickly and made sure nobody was injured.”

East Sussex Fire and Rescue was called out just before 3pm and crews with breathing apparatus had the blaze under control within 20 minutes.