A BREXIT Party candidate has he denied he went on an expletive-ridden social media tirade aimed at Nigel Farage.

Wayne Bayley was running as a parliamentary candidate for Crawley until Nigel Farage announced his party would not run in any Conservative-controlled areas.

But after a Twitter account in his name wrote on social media “F*** your election strategy and f*** Boris”, Mr Bayley contacted The Argus claiming the account was fake.

A number of news outlets including ITV had reported the account’s comments on the Brexit Party.

The account had also written: “Very disappointed to see Nigel bottle it and back the EU treaty agreed by Boris.”

The supposed imposter even claimed Mr Farage owed him £10,000 as he had hired a campaign coordinator a week earlier.

Mr Bayley denied writing anything about Nigel Farage.

“I did not say any of that. The account that tweeted that was fake,” the retired pilot said.

“I many ways this guy has done me a favour.

“He has now raised my profile so I’m managing to speak to people that I haven’t spoken to before.

“Since this thing started I have had four excited journalists speak to me but they have all been disappointed to find out the account is fake.”

Mr Bayley said his views on Mr Farage’s decision were the complete opposite to those of his apparent imposter.

“It was a masterstroke,” he said.

“This arrangement makes it easy for the Tories to keep their seats but hard for them to win from Labour.

“That means we’ll either have a Tory minority government or they will have a tiny majority.

“If the Brexit Party wins 20 or so seats, that gives us a huge advantage in Parliament.”

The supposedly bogus account has since been suspended by Twitter, despite it claiming he was the real Mr Bayley.

When The Argus approached the account, it insisted it was not an imposter and offered to speak on the phone.

But the account never called The Argus.

After Mr Bayley called The Argus, we verified the real Mr Bayley’s identity with a picture and by contacting a journalist who had previously spoken with him in person.

The supposed fake account had more than 1,400 followers and had claimed to be Mr Bayley since August.

ITV and other news outlets have since deleted their articles containing the account’s comments.

The creator of the supposed imposter had sneakily used an upper-case I instead of an l to spell “Bayley” on his Twitter profile.

This made the account indistinguishable from the real Mr Bayley.

The Argus has since contacted an email linked to the account.We have yet to receive a reply.

Conservative candidate Henry Smith will hope to keep hold of his Crawley seat in the December General Election after Mr Bayley withdrew.

Mr Smith’s main opponent will be Crawley Borough Council leader Peter Lamb.