A CONSERVATIVE election candidate said he has received “frightening” death threats from a voter who warned him: “If I see you, I will slit your throat.”

Joe Miller, who is standing in Kemptown, received the abuse on a campaign leaflet he posted to residents.

The leaflet was sent to his office daubed in blank ink, making violent threats against the 25-year-old.

One message reads: “Your all spineless f****** you should chop your fat little f*****g children up, put em into a stew and feed them to the f****** dog”.

He is also branded a “spineless w*****’ told that ‘Britain is f****d because of people like you”.

Mr Miller, a trainee barrister, is currently a councillor and was until recently the deputy leader of Lewes District Council.

He told The Argus police are now investigating the threats against him. He also revealed he had his tyres slashed.

He said: “This death threat towards myself and my family is very threatening and frightening.

“My family, friends, volunteers, colleagues and I are now concerned for our own safety.

“This has no place in our United Kingdom. Of course people can disagree with others; that is the wonderful thing about living in the best democracy in the world. But to go to these lengths in my view is entirely unnecessary, and intolerant.”

He added: “I will not be intimidated off the streets of the area which I grew up in and love.

“The police are advising me accordingly, and are taking this matter seriously to find the perpetrators of these cowardly acts in response to our survey where we were only asking to hear residents’ views.”

Mr Miller was chosen as the Tory candidate last month.

The former Cardinal Newman student and trainee lawyer, Cllr Miller became Brighton and Hove City Council’s youngest councillor aged 20.

He is hoping to unseat Labour incumbent Lloyd Russell-Moyle in the December 12 election.

Speaking last week during a visit to The Argus offices, chairman of the Conservative Party James Cleverly said of Moyle: “I think Joe will be more focused on local issues, perhaps less focused on grandstanding, less focused on trying to grab cheap headlines.

“I’m biased, but I think what government needs is a local champion that will have a national presence and I think Joe will do that.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "On Monday we were informed that a leaflet containing written threats and abuse had been received at the office in Peacehaven, East Sussex, of the Conservative candidate in the Brighton Kemptown general election campaign.

"The leaflet is being examined and an investigation is under way."