A CAR “sandwich” has left social media users baffled.

Brightonian Travis Card-Young snapped the parked BMW slathered in bread, flour and tomatoes after work.

He said: “After working a long 12-hour shift, it was definitely something I had to stop the car for and take a photo.

“If it was enough to cheer me up right after work, then maybe it will cheer others up to start their day.”

On Facebook, the image was met with jokes and shock. One user said: “I’d feel bad for the owner, but it’s a BMW so they probably deserved it.”

Another pondered: “Maybe it’s one of them new electric cars and they’re just trying to make a fry up?”

The mysterious scene left many intrigued.

One user said: “Is this a ‘random items at hand’ incident or is it a carefully thought-out combination of ingredients designed to leave a scene akin to an explosion during an episode of ready steady cook?”

Another speculated whether “someone has actively decided to deface that persons car, making the conscious decision to take bread and jam with the intention of turning it in to a sandwich.”

“We are left with so many unanswered questions”, she said.

Commenters were also amazed the car had escaped the notice of Brighton’s most notorious scavengers.

One said: “How such a seagull banquet has stayed intact for more than five minutes is unfathomable.”