AN INVENTOR dubbed the "real life Iron Man" shattered the world record for the fastest speed in a jet suit.

Richard Browning blasted off from Brighton beach yesterday morning with the aim of beating his previous record of 32.02mph.

After three thrilling test flights complete with sparks shooting out his futuristic suit, Guinness World Records judges confirmed his top speed clocked in at a blistering 85.06mph.

As he soared by Brighton Palace Pier, the 40-year-old had no fear of plummeting into the sea.

The Argus: 'Iron Man' Richard Browning'Iron Man' Richard Browning

"I've fallen in the water seven or eight times in the past few months," Richard said.

"But in that kind of situation there's no room for fear. You don't think about it.

"If you're in an F1 car and you're s****** your pants, you're probably not in the right job."

As founder of Gravity Industries, Richard has spent three years perfecting his jet suit.

Despite controlling six jet engines produce 130kg of thrust, piloting the suit comes naturally to him.

"If I was going at 30mph I’d be able to read you a storybook while I’m doing it," the inventor said.

"At 85mph it's more difficult, it's a big balancing act.

The Argus: The jet suits fly in formationThe jet suits fly in formation

"But people's reactions never change. I've never seen someone watch it and not be amazed."

But Richard's latest record will likely not be his last.

"We're hoping to go a lot faster, but it gets more difficult from here," he said.

"Aerodynamics start to get interesting at these speeds. If you stick your hand out of an 85mph car, your hand will snap straight back.

"That's what we're dealing with.

"The goal is to be able to fly horizontally with just your hands.

"But that's just like flying a Harrier jet, which is really tricky."

The record was part of Guinness World Records Day.