THE list of candidates for the December General Election has been finalised.

Below are the candidates in Brighton and Hove vying for your vote, sorted by constituency.

Brighton Kemptown

Graham Cushway, Brexit Party.

Joe Miller, Conservatives.

Alexandra Phillips, Greens.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour.

Ben Thomas, Lib Dems.

Brighton Pavilion

Bob Dobbs, Independent.

Nigel Furness, Ukip.

Emma Hogan, Conservatives.

Adam Imanpour, Labour.

Caroline Lucas, Greens.

Richard Milton, Brexit Party.

Citizen Skwith, Monster Raving Looney Party.


Beatrice Bass, Lib Dems.

Dame Dixon, Monster Raving Looney Party.

Angela Hancock, Brexit Party.

Peter Kyle, Labour.

Robert Nemeth, Conservatives.

Charlotte Sabel, Independent.

Ollie Sykes, Greens.