IT'S normal for hotel staff to go the extra mile for customers staying with them.

From providing more towels, to bath products and extra pillows and normally these requests aren't too much trouble.

But these employees may have got more than they bargained for when their guests had some very niche requests.

Budget hotel chain Travelodge, has revealed the most bizarre requests that some of its 19 million customers asked whilst staying in one of its 570 UK hotels during the last 12 months.

Across the company's Brighton based Travelodge hotels, the teams receive thousands of strange requests throughout the year.

This includes asking staff to arrange for a starry night.

And one visitor even asked staff to make it stop raining.

The full list of the strangest queries over the last year at Travelodge hotels are:

  • Can you come with me on a new business pitch and say you are my assistant?
  • Does your pet policy cover my micro Pig Kylie?
  • Can you ask the seagulls to be quiet? 
  • Can you be our photographer for the day? 
  • Can you arrange for a starry night? I want to take a romantic walk on the beach and propose to my girlfriend? 
  • Can you remove the pebbles and add sand to a section of the beach? 
  • Can you stop it raining?
  • Can you help and do some vox pop interviews for a new product launch? 
  • Can you help me tie a turban for a Sikh wedding I am attending?
  • Can you dress up as Chewbacca and accompany me to my friend’s Star Wars themed wedding? 

In addition to the examples in Brighton, other bizarre requests from the national hotel chain’s leisure and business customers include:

  • Can you arrange for a water taxi to take my boss from Dover directly to Paris? Can you do 100 vox pop interviews to test ideas ahead of a client meeting?
  • Can you write out 1,000 Christmas cards to my clients?
  • Can you teach me how to play golf? Can you place a Chinese waving cat either side of the bed – facing the door?
  • Can you empty the car park as my boss will be arriving in a private jet?
  • Can you be part of my sales team for an important team meeting?
  • Can you sort out six months of receipts in date order and then complete my expense form?
  • Can you stand in the queue as I have to have the new iPhone to impress my colleagues?
  • If I set up a pop up shop in reception can you take orders for me whilst I go to my meeting?