A QUESTION Time audience member exploded with rage after a Tory chief started talking about making coffee for his wife.

The man's tirade came after James Cleverly, chairman of the Conservative Party, responded to his question about politicians being unkind.

The BBC show was filmed in Brighton last night.

Mr Cleverly said he made his wife a cup of coffee after host Fiona Bruce asked him for an example of an act of kindness he performed yesterday.

He replied: "It's little things. Remembering to make a cup of coffee for my wife before I left the house this morning."

The Tory was interrupted by the audience member who asked the original question about whether MPs would mark World Kindness Day by improving their behaviour.

He shouted: "That's not the point. The point is statesmanship, being a group of people that are worthy to be followed. Not giving people a cup of tea in the afternoon.

"This is about people whose lives are being wrecked and you are a disgrace to the country by the way you behave in Parliament, the way you talk, you are being videod (sic), it's awful and there are times I'm embarrassed to be British."

Mr Cleverly acknowledged that the last few years have not been ones that politicians could be 'particularly proud of'.

However, he added that MPs can be 'unbelievably thoughtful and kind', although they sometimes struggle to show this in public.

The Tory was slammed on social media for his comment, with some saying he got "mauled" by the audience member.

One tweeted: "The kindest thing @JamesCleverly has done all day is make his wife a cup of coffee. That says it all about the @Conservatives really, pathetic!! #ToriesOut #ToriesLie #BBCQT #ActofKindness "

Another said: "Cleverly gets bloody mauled by this bloke for counting 'making his wife a coffee' as a kind act. #bbcqt "

A different user wrote: "This man calling @JamesCleverly a 'disgrace' for his comment that making his wife a cup of coffee is the kindest thing he's done today. Worth the licence fee on its own. #bbcqt "