A SIMPLE Minds "superfan" who was stalked by the brother of the band's lead singer Jim Kerr says a "horrible nightmare" is now over.

Julie Fagan and her husband John were subjected to an 11-month campaign of vile abuse at the hands of Paul Kerr, who threatened to track them down and hurt them.

Paul Kerr, 56, was convicted of three counts of pursuing a course of conduct that amounted to stalking after a lengthy trial at Lewes Crown Court on Wednesday.

The court heard Kerr, who lives in Brighton, had said he would "drag Julie Fagan by her hair" to a police station and told police officers that he would murder her husband.

He also posted reams of sexually abusive messages on Facebook about them and falsely accused John Fagan of raping a boy.

Speaking tearfully after the verdict was given, Mrs Fagan, 52, said the stalking and the lengthy trial have been horrific, but she was still a fan of Simple Minds.

She continued: "I am just so relieved, it is the end of a horrible nightmare.

"He has lied all the way through. I felt sick to my stomach."

Mrs Fagan praised the efforts of Sussex Police - especially DC Jenny Dunn - and the prosecution team who brought Kerr to justice.

But despite the horrors she and her husband suffered at the hands of Paul Kerr, she was adamant that they will not let it affect their love of his brother's band.

She said they had already made plans to see Simple Minds on their upcoming world tour.

"Going to put this all behind us and move on.

"We have already booked some tickets for next year in Brighton."

The couple also plan to return to Jim Kerr's luxury Villa Angela hotel in Sicily, where they celebrate their wedding anniversary every year.