A FREEZING toddler was taken to hospital after her family said they were left with no gas for 30 hours.

Two-year-old Mia-Rose had just recovered from a pneumonia-like condition in Worthing Hospital, where she had to sleep with an oxygen mask.

But her mother Natalie McDonald said she had to be readmitted on Thursday because their gas was cut off on one of the coldest days of the year.

Natalie, from Durrington, was not able to talk because she was at the hospital with her daughter.

She also has an older girl, Macie-Marie, who is six.

But Mia-Rose’s grandmother Michelle Farley said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“The family had to go 30 hours without any gas.

“The poor little girl got so cold she’s had to go back to hospital.

“Mia-Rose only just came out of the children’s ward after suffering a form of pneumonia.

“She had trouble breathing every time she went to sleep.

“She couldn’t maintain stable oxygen levels because of the infection and had to sleep with an oxygen mask.

“The day Mia-Rose came out of hospital I went to four shops to top up the gas card but it wouldn’t work.

“Our gas company ScottishPower sent an engineer out last Thursday, but the new card didn’t arrive, and when they ran out of gas on Tuesday this week Natalie called up and explained.

“But she was fobbed off all day.

“She waited until 1am that night for an engineer to arrive but they never turned up.

“It just went on and on and on. Finally, after numerous calls, at 6pm on Wednesday night an engineer came and restored their gas supply.

“By that time she had been left with no gas for 30 hours.”

“The children were starving hungry and freezing cold. Natalie is incredibly stressed.

“What they’ve put these poor little kids though is unreal. It’s absolutely unreal.”

Mia-Rose is now home and her grandmother said doctors have told her to keep warm.

A spokeswoman for the gas company ScottishPower said: “We can’t comment on the exact details, but we are looking at it and we will be contacting the customer as soon as possible.”