A CONSERVATIVE candidate has condemned the abuse of a Question Time audience member after he was mocked as a “Tory Boy” online.

Joe Miller, the party’s candidate in Brighton Kemptown, has spoken out following a barrage of abuse aimed at outspoken, young audience member on Question Time, which was filmed in Brighton last night.

The hashtag #ToryBoy was trending on Twitter with hundreds of tweets directed at the member who voiced his support for the Conservatives and Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Online users branded him “an evil little Tory t**t” and the “result of that drunken night Gove and Rees-Mogg spent together”, telling him to “get back into his box”

Many also mocked him by referencing Harry Enfield’s Tory Boy character.

Mr Miller, 25, has spoken out following the abuse.

He said: “I entirely condemn the abuse this person is receiving.

“We are meant to be an open, free thinking, tolerant country.

“The abuse he is receiving shows our City as anything but this unfortunately.

“People are of course allowed to have different opinions and share them: but to call people names is very sad in my view.”

Question Time was filmed in front of a live studio in Brighton yesterday evening.

The Tory audience member said: "17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union and there's one party representing the will of the people and that's the one party that has promised to leave the EU with a very good deal negotiated by our Prime Minister and that's the Conservative Party."

A remainer in the audience then branded Leaver "childish and petulant" in a fiery Brexit clash on live TV.

Some Twitter users defended the boy, who was branded a “Tory plant”.

One Tweeted: “Seriously though, perhaps people shouldn't actively bully children? Just a thought.”

Another said: “Funny how people on the left of politics desperately want youngsters to get more involved with politics. But the moment those youngsters start saying something they personally disagree with. Let the abuse begin.”