GREEN Party MP Caroline Lucas has said the Labour Party joining the Remain Alliance would be a "game changer."

The MP for Brighton Pavilion was discussing the dynamics of the Remain Alliance with LBC's Iain Dale yesterday.

Ms Lucas pointed to the size of the Liberal Democrats in comparison to her party as the reason the Greens have stood candidates down in five times the amount of seats the Lib Dems have.

But, Caroline stated she wished the Labour Party would have also agreed to be part of the Remain alliance as it would have been a "real game changer" and "more impactful".

Iain Dale said: "You’re standing down in 51 seats.

"The Liberal Democrats are standing down in nine.

"To me, that means you have got the worse part of the deal here."

The former Green Party leader replied: "Well, I am glad you’re fighting our corner on this.

"We would have liked more obviously but there had to be some recognition of the fact the Liberal Democrats are the bigger party.

"They have how many MPs when I last looked, 20 to the Green Party’s one.

"We understood that there had to be some differential between what the parties got.

"I would have loved to have the Labour Party around the table that is what would have been the real game changer."

She continued: "But, of course, Labour won’t engage in those discussions, they won’t stand candidates aside.

"So they were never going to get involved but it would have been a lot more impactful if they had.

"I don't really think that Jo Swinson is going to be Prime Minister on December 13 and that policy of Revoke, which I do passionately disagree with, only happens if the Lib Dems get a majority.

"Short of Jo Swinson being Prime Minister the position of the Lib Dems is for a People's Vote.

"On that issue, which I think is the far more likely area of where we're going to come together rather than the Lib Dems becoming a majority government, then we can agree."

Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson admitted yesterday she is willing to throw the country into further chaos in the coming months by demanding another general election if no party receives a majority in the upcoming national vote.

Ms Swinson, who is already demanding the UK remains in the EU, will refuse to support Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn if both fail to secure a majority of seats in the House of Commons.

Instead, she would sooner force the UK into another general election.