VIRAL magician and nephew of the late great Paul Daniels, James Phelan will perform for one night only at Brighton’s Komedia.

Paul Daniels was a TV magician who has been described at The Godfather of Magic and named by many top magicians as their reason for starting in the profession.

The Paul Daniels Show ran on the BBC for 15 years and featured Paul’s assistant and wife, Debbie McGee.

In 1982 Paul – whose catchphrase was “you’ll like this – not a lot” – became first non-American performer to be awarded Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in 1982.

He also won the Golden Rose of Montreux, a prestigious broadcasting award.

James had a close relationship with Paul and soaked up plenty of the advice his uncle had to offer.

It was to James that Paul performed his last trick ever while in his hospital bed.

“I went to visit him in hospital the day before he died and my auntie said he hadn’t looked at magic in four weeks,” James has said.

“I had a pack of cards with me and he picked them up and did what’s known as a colour change.

“This was something he’d come up with in the 1970s when he was coming through the ranks, and I only realised recently that this was the last magic trick he ever did.”

James’s show, Troublemaker, follows on from the success of 2016/17 and will see the young illusionist reading the minds of audience members and swallowing needles.

“I’m so incredibly proud that James is following in his uncle’s footsteps.

“Paul and he were incredibly close and it’s great to see him succeeding in something he loves and is amazing at,” said Debbie McGee.

James is the presenter of the BBC’s groundbreaking radio magic show, Trickster: Live.

He will also present Celebrity Troublemaking, an upcoming TV programme “that uses magic to get up close and personal with superstars”.

In early 2016, James auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

He made it to the semi-finals but Paul died before the show could air and James decided to leave.

By that point his act had received such a good reaction from the public that he soon left his job to pursue a career in magic.

James Phelan is performing at Brighton Komedia on Sunday.