WITH a General Election looming on December 12, today we look back at visits from Prime Ministers. Last time round Theresa May came to visit The Argus, before that we had David Cameron.

We’re not expecting any party leaders yet but whoever visits will no doubt be after your vote.

The then Prime Minister David Cameron is seen during a question and answer session at Hove Town Hall in 2010.

In 2007 Gorgon Brown was the front-runner to succeed Tony Blair as UK prime minister, he is pictured at Lord Steve Bassam’s house before going to the Brighton Dome.

In May 2017 the then Prime minister Theresa May visited The Argus and is seen with editor Arron Hendy and Elsa Gillio from The Argus Appeal.

Former Prime Minister John Major enjoys the Benson and Hedges cricket semi final, Sussex v Surrey in 2001.

In 2001 Cherie Blair,wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, took an open top bus tour through Brighton. Mr Blair, accompanied by his wife Cherie, used the bus to undertake a five mile drive through the three constituencies in the Brighton area.

In 2005 Cherie Blair visits Hopscotch Nursery School in Hove.

Nick Clegg, the then leader of Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister was pictured during his visit to the Paradise Park Centre in Newhaven with Norman Baker in May 2015.