THE POLICE have fended off critics after accidentally posting that their chief is leading the fight AGAINST gender equality.

Sussex Police posted a report about Chief Constable Giles York and Superintendent Miles Ockwell receiving a Special Recognition Award from the British Association of Women in Policing.

But in an unfortunate mishap, instead of stating that the duo had led efforts to combat gender inequality, the force instead said they were “against” gender equality.

The force wrote: “We have been commended for leading the fight against gender equality.”

A spokesman said it was “clearly an error” that “should not detract from the proactive work being undertaken across the UK to tackle the important issue of gender inequality, both within forces and the communities we serve”.

On Twitter some users were not happy about the mishap, which also appeared on the force’s website headline.

Lewes District Councillor Sean Macleod wrote: “You might want to rewrite this tweet I’m sure they are not leading the fight against gender equality.”

Bobby Twoshoe said: “Why would you want to fight equality?”

Paul Sellings wrote “we should definitely not be fighting against gender equality” and said the post “undermined” the police chiefs’ efforts.

The Chief Constable and Superintendent had been presented with the awards at a ceremony in Lincolnshire for back the HeforShe movement.

It encourages men to take an active role in supporting efforts to close gender gap gaps and challenge gender inequality.

Mr York said: “In supporting HeForShe, Sussex Police is demonstrating the strength of our commitment to ensuring a Police force that is representative of the communities that we serve which is key to addressing violence against women and girls. Superintendent Ockwell has been instrumental in our support to HeForShe and I would like to praise his outstanding contribution to this movement.”